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I am employed by the largest software developer in the world and spend most of my time deeply involved in technology.  I soon discovered a need to have an outlet for my creative side.  Fine art photography became that medium.  I entered photography rather late in life - after the industry moved to digital.  I quickly mastered the technical aspects of exposure - shutter, ISO and aperture.  The artistic side is what challenges me to continue improving and learning.


I initially focused my efforts on photographing sports and birds in flight.  Both of my boys play team sports and gave me the opportunity to shoot baseball, football and basketball games.  After doing that for several years, i have discovered a real passion for landscape, wildlife and nature photography.  There are limitless opportunities to capture awe inspiring landscapes in the United States, and even more so globally.  Many iconic locations, like Grand Teton National Park, have been photographed millions of times.  However, there are many things that can make an image unique such as lighting and composition.  


Thanks for stopping by my site.  I hope you enjoy some of the scenes I have captured.  You can also follow me on Instagram @jase1125.